Crooked Stic Traditional Bows LLC

Three Hyper Stics all 62 in. Top one 44@28 Webbwood riser with brown glass 

Second one 50@28 Sycamore riser with tulip  veneers

Third one 44@28 western stable maple with tulip poplar and walnut veneers.

$475 each plus shipping.  SOLD

This is a new model recurve. I call the Short Curve. 50 in. 47@28 It will draw good out to 28 in. So a 28 in. or less draw length is a must. Great ground blind bow $550.00 plus shipping.

This pic will show the strung and unstrung profile of these bows. The Hyperstic model. R/D one piece longbow. These bows point very well and are forgiving.