Crooked Stic Traditional Bows LLC

A 62 in. Hyper Stic 44@28. With a Black walnut riser featuring an osage I-beam. Curly maple veneers spliced with Black walnut on tips. $475 plus shipping.

60 in. three piece takedown longbow.

49 @28. Zebra and bubinga riser feathering the wave riser accent. 550.00 TYD

Takedown longbows with wave riser accent and wedge accent. Top one 60 in. 46@28 osage riser Wave $525 plus shipping

Second one. 62 in. 44@28 Stabilized birdseye brown and red dyed maple. With black limbs

$525 plus shipping

Three piece takedown glass limbs 62 in. 35@28. Good young adult or needing low draw weight. $400 plus shipping. 

Gray actionwood with pink stable maple ibeam brown glass limbs.

62 in. 47@28  $475 plus shipping

This is a new design. I have taken the Hyper Stic profile and added some reflex in the tip area for better string angle and stiffer tip. Also put the riser in front. This has less chance of torquing the riser with the pivot point being behind the limbs. Stable maple with ambrosia burl. Cherry walnut veneers yellow accents.

62 in. 51@28  $500 plus shipping

An all osage left hander with actionboo cores.

62 in. 43@28

$500 plus shipping

Short recurve 50 in. 56@28. 28 in. and under draw length a must. Bubinga osage riser A- limbs. $550 plus shipping.

Left Short recurve 52 in.36@28 Osage bloodwood riser A-boo limbs $550 plus shipping.